Simona Gaita


Expert Consulting


Simona manages the Business Incubator for redundant military personnel developed by Expert Consulting and assists the 12 small companies incubated.

Simona graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the West University of Timisoara in Business Management, and at the same university graduated with a master specialization in Production Management.

Excellent communicator in relation with all clients of the incubator, Simona carefully adapts her messages to the personal style of each of them, managing to earn their appreciation and respect through seriousness and respect.

Very attentive to the timely collection costs for the space used, and to warn the clients to avoid accumulation of arrears and debts, always manages to complete on time and successfully all the activities, which brings satisfaction to clients as well.

Orderly in thinking, always finds creative solutions to maintain and develop relationships with the clients.

Optimistic type of person, always smiling, full of life, her presence is felt immediately in all the offices and animates the whole company. She has remained a young spirit, which made her friend from childhood, Cristina Voaides, to recommend her to the company management.

She is committed in action, with self confidence, has the insistence and persistence needed to solve difficult tasks, and has the ambition to finish what she started, being considered a "complete finisher".

She has a lot of endurance in relating with partners, has a big heart and persistence, discipline, and military print makes her accomplish any request from the company management.

She feels she has got the intuition needed to know which button to press to initiate the desired reactions and actions from the others.

Slightly emotional, prepares thoroughly before any difficult time to prevent unpleasant surprises.

She abhors unfairness and people who don’t love harmony in a community.

Is the mother of two children, integrated in a group dominated by women and young mothers, who share common social and family concerns related to raising, caring and educating children.