General consultancy in management, marketing and logistics

Through the general consultancy services offered in management, marketing, and logistics, Expert Consulting assists the private organizations in analyzing and redefining the strategies, improving the efficiency of the operations, and optimizing the financial, human, and technological resources.

Usually, the client companies don’t have specialized personnel who can make an adequate analysis of the company, or the market it operates on, in order to identify the areas with problems, the aspects which can be improved, or the existing opportunities. It’s important therefore the intervention of a consultant who, through his deep knowledge and wide experience, can offer fresh and innovative perspectives on the examined situations.

The offered services include:

  • Elaborating the economic – financial diagnostic of the company;
  • Consultancy regarding business development (company analysis, company strategy approach)
  • Market opportunities analysis, the research and selection of the proper markets, the differentiation and positioning of the company’s offer
  • Market opportunities analysis, the research and selection of the proper markets, the differentiation and positioning of the company’s offer
  • Consultancy regarding the emplacement and efficiency of the logistic centers etc.

Consultancy regarding the development of business plans, marketing plans, market research, feasibility studies, opportunity studies

At customers’ request, Expert Consulting can offer business plans, marketing plans, market studies, feasibility studies, opportunity studies and any other similar documentation required for:

  • Obtaining funding from a bank or private investor, including obtaining European grants/ national funds / other public grants;
  • Knowing the customers’ characteristics and needs for increasing their satisfact
  • Modifying an existing product and obtaining suggestions for this;
  • Designing a new product;
  • Knowing the constraints and market opportunities
  • Analyze sales forecasts and setting;
  • Rating awareness and company image;
  • Identifying new markets and new business opportunities in a certain region, the industrial sector;
  • Rethinking marketing approach for existing products, rebranding, repositioning;
  • Substantiation of the necessity and opportunity of certain investments and technical and financial feasibility of the investment;
  • Evaluation and analysis of the potential impact of a proposed investment project;
  • Obtaining the information needed by the investment project owner and his prospective financiers third parties, in order to make a decision on the realization of the investment (positive or negative decision, sizing and staggering the investment) etc.

Consultancy for research activity development and implementation of the inventions and innovations

We like to permanently reinvent ourselves, therefore, for the next period of time we want to sustain the research-development and implementation of inventions and innovations field, as a new business development direction in the context of the new economy based on innovation and knowledge.

We offer consultancy regarding:

  • Putting into practice the inventions and innovations;
  • Identifying funding sources for the inventions and innovations (private investors, public support from national / European funds, loans from international financial institutions, etc.);
  • Identifying opportunities for international collaboration in the research – innovation – development field.
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