Due Diligence

Due dilligence
for foreign investors

The term due diligence describes the investigation, examination and careful analysis, systematic and detailed information related to an investment, a business partnership, an acquisition, takeover, before they take place.

In the context of a multitude of information, often confusing and contradictory, to which a foreign investor has access through a simple research done on their own, we welcome him with a team of professionals able to investigate, filter, analyze, verify and deliver the information which confirms the true reality and constitutes a solid foundation not only for the investment decision, but also for reaching and maintaining the desired results.

The services we offer include:

  • Analysis and complete evaluation in terms of financial, commercial, legal and operational investment concerned;
  • Company analysis in order to identify essential factors generating value, the determinants of success and investigate risk factors;
  • Consulting on identifying business opportunities;
  • Consulting throughout the process of establishing the company;
  • Consulting on business design;
  • Study of the concluded contracts/contracts to be signed with customers, suppliers and employees, tracking their consequences on the assets, finances and earnings of the target company;
  • Examination of existing financial forecasts and creating alternatives;
  • Determination of possible situations that prevent completion of a transaction;
  • Advice on the transaction form (structuring acquisition);
  • Assistance in determining and negotiation of transactions price (eg land acquisition);
  • Managing the relationship with local, regional or central public authorities and institutions;
  • Representation of investor in relation to public authorities and institutions, suppliers and customers.
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