Project management and development

Development and implementation of projects with national and European grant

Although it offers a series of clear development opportunities, obtaining and using European funds is a procedure quite difficult given the complexity of the documentation which has to be developed and the procedures required. As such, the procedures for accessing, implementation and management of projects with grant funding (national funds, European funds and other public funds) are sophisticated and often require multidisciplinary knowledge and a great strictness and elaborateness, which have become a sine qua non condition for our consultants. They provide expert advice on the entire identification, access, approval and implementation flow of projects financed by grants. Furthermore, consultants are close to our clients in the post-implementation period (3-5 years), for mandatory maintenance of the investment and project results.

Services consist of:
- Analysis of applicant eligibility, opportunity and eligibility of the investment concerned, the selection of eligible costs in terms of a financing program;

- Consulting / training given to the staff involved in the project on work procedures in projects with grant funding (national funds, European funds and other public funds);

- Preparation of technical, economic and financial documentation for grant applications (application form, business plan, cost-benefit analysis, feasibility study, financial and economic analysis etc), assembling and submitting the project for evaluation;

- Client assistance during the project administrative, technical and financial evaluation process, from the point of view of ensuring all the necessary information for the project approval and signing the financing contract;

- Assistance in preparing documentation for the public acquisitions of the grant project, according to legal provisions in force;

- Assistance in preparing technical and financial reports (progress reports, payment requests, claims) and other documents / reports necessary during project implementation, or required by the financier;

- Assistance in supervising the timely implementation of all project activities and observance of all project activities in accordance with the grant agreement and its annexes;

Facilitating the communication with the financier during project implementation and post-implementation period, in terms of ensuring all the necessary information for the project and maintaining its results.

Management of investment projects
Using a coherent set of methods, techniques and procedures for substantiating the investment decisions, Expert Consulting services are providing useful information to customers for defining and assessing in terms of viability and sustainability of investment projects.

Services consist of:

  • Defining investment projects ;
  • The analysis of investment projects and components ;
  • Planning investment project ;
  • Identifying the opportunity elements of an investment project ;
  • Calculating the investment necessary of the project;
  • Cash flow forecast ;
  • Determining the capital cost ;
  • The assessment of the investment project by utilizing multiple techniques / criteria (NPV, IRR, scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, risk analysis etc.).
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