Accredited courses
and customized training

Expert Consulting holds accreditation to organize the following courses:

  • Improvement Processes Manager, COR code 242108
  • Innovation Manager, COR code 242106

Besides the authorized training programs, Expert Consulting organizes customized trainings for companies, institutions, etc., at their request, agreeing thematic content, the number of hours being correlated with the requirements of training programs.

Today, lifelong learning is a key aspect for every individual, but also for the employing companies as an essential condition for progress and performance.

Investing in human capital is the most profitable long-term investment, which, in the context of an economy and society based on knowledge, should be approached as an objective necessity, and hence basically the individual's ability to adapt to more dynamic trends of the labor market and to develop professionally, respectively the companies' ability to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the external environment.

The courses we organize address both the companies, institutions, regarding the training needs of the staff employed, and the individuals wishing to complete their education and update their knowledge, as a prerequisite for development and identifying new opportunities.

Expert Consulting provides training programs for adults, through modern learning methods and approaches, with immediate application. We understand the importance of total appropriation of knowledge, so we place great emphasis on practical activities for demonstration or application.

Expert Consulting has a modern equipped classroom (IT equipment, internet access, ergonomic furniture, air conditioning), experienced trainers and course materials of the highest quality.

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