The repairing of navigation infrastructure on bega Canal

We are happy to take part in a project with such a great impact on the entire Western region!

The Expert Consulting team is responsible for the implementation of the project “Rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the Bega Waterway” which has a value of 13.877.987 euros (VAT included) of which 85% is EU funding, amount allocated to Romania and Serbia, through the IPA Program. 

The partners of this project are:

  • Banat River Basin Administration
  • Timis County Council
  • Provincial Secretariat for Interregional Cooperation (Serbia)
  • VDP Vode Vojvodine (Serbia)


Objectives that will be achieved by the Romanian side are: 

  • Restoration of Sinmihaiu Roman hydrotechnical node;
  • Acquisition multifunctional dredge
  • Acquisition – two barges
  • Navigable canal signaling;
  • Feasibility study for the construction of the border crossing point (CJ Timis)

The objectives of the Serbian side are:

  • Repairs of Srpski Itebel and Klek hydrotechnical nodes;
  • Dredge purchase;
  • Construction of the Zrenjanin bicycle track – border connection with the Romanian track;
  • Feasibility study for the achievement of the border crossing point.


Information about the Bega Channel

The Bega Navigable canal, set up almost 250 years ago, is, from a hydrotechnical point of view, a construction with special technical arrangements and an important historical significance. The Timisoara – Klek waterway has a total length of 114.50 km, of which 44.5 km on Romanian territory and 70 km on Serbian territory.                                                                                              

On the territory of the Republic of Serbia, the navigable sector of the Bega Channel connects with the Danube – Tisza – Danube hydro-amelioration and navigation system. The Bega Canal is one of the significant waterways for Zrenjanin, Zitiste and Timisoara; its relaunch in terms of navigation would mean connecting Banat, both to the Black Sea and the North Sea and the North Sea, the existing system of canals in Serbia DTD (Danube – Tisza – Danube) and the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal.

By repairing the Sanmihaiu Roman, Klek and Srpski Itebej hydrotechnical nodes, making the bicycle route on the Serbian sector and connecting it to the Romanian bicycle route, a connection is made between Timisoara and Zrenjanin along the Bega Canal and, thus, wider opportunities for trade and economic cooperation will emerge. It will also result in the motivation, creation and development of appropriate transport links on both sides of the border, as well as the promotion of good neighborliness and cooperation between Romania and Serbia.

Currently, the activities are well underway, and in August 2021 Bega will become navigable. Following the implementation of the project, in the place where Bega leaves the country, a new border crossing point with Serbia will be set up. The steps have already been taken, and the infrastructure will be functional when navigation is resumed and thus, through the canal system in Serbia, Timisoara will be connected again to the Danube and then to the North Sea.

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