Expert Consulting Team

Team of professionals

At Expert Consulting there works a team of enthusiastic and creative consultants, which have a wide experience in consultancy and training for business and management, as well as specific experience in european grant projects development and implementation, accumulated in numerous projects they have been involved.

Through their qualifications and experience, our consultants can cover a wide range of activities, from developing a business plan, cost-benefit analysis, feasibility studies, financial analysis, marketing strategies, to project management, implementation of inventions and innovations, or training on different themes.

Because we want to offer high quality services to our clients, our consultants are carefully chosen, according to our strict standards, taking into consideration that the success in this field of activity is in a great measure defined by the professional and human value of each member of our team of consultants.


Marian Mocan

Camelia Mocan

Cristina Voaides

Simona Gaita

Catalin Mirea

Nadia Sehabi

Cora Tomosoiu

We are permanently preoccupied by the personal and the professional evolution of our team during the collaboration. Because we want to be fully prepared for any challenge brought by our clients and for a quick solving of any difficulty met, the members of the team often participate in trainings, seminars, conferences, and keep themselves informed regarding the changes and the news in the fields related to our activity.

Our team of consultants is known for its expertise, involvement and irreproachable professional conduct demonstrated in working with clients.
We have built our reputation through our fair and open way of

working, constant and efficient communication, maximum efficiency, perseverance and proactive attitude oriented towards the interest and plenary satisfaction of customer requirements.

We believe that without knowledge, without passion and depth, success could not be possible. And without a continuous attention to details, there can be no distinction. That’s because we prove our excellence, and we always surprise positively our clients in the consultancy process, and in every interaction with them

We believe that our team brings value to our company, and participates fundamentally to its success, being the most responsible for accomplishing our mission.