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Ovidiu Sandor - Entrepreneur and Business Facility administrator at Modatim

"I have worked constantly with Expert Consulting on European funding projects based on our previous positive collaborations and the good reputation it has in the market.
We started this partnership with Casa Altringen Pension, raised with co-financing from pre-accession funds granted under SAPARD, and continued through provision of effcient production equipment and management techniques training of the Modatim directors, implementation of the ISO 9001 and then 60% funding, from grants, of two of the five buildings of the City Business Center complex.
Expert Consulting bound together with us the grant application files in a permanent dialogue, based on our needs for development, taking into consideration our own way of doing business and successfully integrating into our business plan the European financiers requirements, and making compatible the two strategic documents, for our project and plan to respond to European funds strategy, but without altering its identity.
There is no funding source 100% free. The cost of EU funded projects is exactly the very heavy bureaucracy, but a good consulting firm can take this task off your shoulders. Some companies know how to do well and maximize the amount of money they get as eligible expenditure. Expert Consulting is among them. "

Laura Baldini - Administrator at Logitrade

"We got to work with Expert Consulting following a recommendation. It seemed complicated to design and implement the projects by ourselves, we did not trust that the projects can be won "for real", but after the first successful project together we realized that if you join a well trained, responsive and proactive partner, you can succeed in everything you propose.
For us, the Expert Consulting partners were like a language translator. They understood exactly what we wanted and then built the phrases and projects after the expectations of the responsible ministry or authority, ensuring we received the winning score.
All projects written together were won and successfully completed. We received all the money budgeted and all post-deployment checks went well, without fines or penalties because the projects were thoroughly written and implemented.
The large number of projects made with Expert Consulting speaks for itself. We always recommend them to our business partners, and when we were contacted by other consulting firms in writing and implementation of grant projects, we politely refused them, because we already had a partner verified in this direction. "

Loredana Dumse - Business controller at Logitrade and Diclasse

"We worked on projects with Expert Consulting consultants Camelia Lupulescu and Diana Ionescu. We are compatible as structure and we complement well. Both are involved, responsible, good finishers, organized, and always respect deadlines set by financiers.
I’ve never had the feeling that we must push them to do something, on the contrary, they took the initiative and kept us informed. Other consulting firms that have contacted us work more hasty and don’t seem as well-informed.
For us it is more simple, fast and efficient to always work with consultants we trust, who take a heavy workload off our shoulders and with whom we can advise and discuss openly anytime."

Professor Dorel Sandesc - Head of the Anesthesiology Intensive Care Clinic of the Timisoara County Emergency Clinical Hospital, secretary of state minister in the Ministry of Health

"When I met Professor Marian Mocan and Ms. Camelia Mocan I was impressed and attracted by the fact that, being aware of what we were doing to ATI ward, they offered immediate and unconditional support to help and assist us in the writing and submission of applications to attract funding from both the Rotary club and the national competitions of projects or by writing a feasibility study for upgrading to European standards the emergency section, which was the basis of everything followed. Together with them we conducted research projects, projects with the support of the County Council or the Ministry of Health. I can therefore say that, since 2000, we have developed an excellent cooperation step by step.
I practice a liberal profession that is held in private medicine space and Expert Consulting team members have kept me abreast of all call sites of projects of interest to me.
We managed to attract 200,000 euro through POR for buying medical equipment for my company, project that we completed successfully. Also, we have built a specialized cabinet for my son in the countryside, in Mosnita, an area booming and at a short distance from Timisoara and the County Hospital, a medical center which we fitted with medical equipment through Measure 312, designed for non-agricultural activities for young people.
We worked very well together both in writing and on implementation of the projects, I did not have to worry about anything in conducting the investment, monitoring and expenditure checking.
Expert Consulting is a company able to translate into a project the ideas that you have as a client, to suggest some solutions that you never thought about and provide project management until the end of the project.
They are a team of efficient technicians coordinated by a local community personality, with size and recognition at a national level. "

Cristian Zima - General Manager at Escapade Fashion

"When you want to invest in the future of a company, the first and most difficult choice is to choose your partners with whom you start.
Expert Consulting was for us the perfect choice, the reliable partner!
We sincerely appreciate the easy adaptation to our type of business, also dynamic, the passion and professionalism they showed throughout the investment period and post project implementation.
It is not easy to recommend someone because you want him to live up to your expectations, but I can confidently recommend the company Expert Consulting, considering that your expectations will be exceeded."

Radu Iliescu – Administrator at Territory Commerce

"Accessing grants with the help of the Expert Consulting represented for us a great opportunity to develop and strengthen the business.
We had a team of specialists we identified the most suitable grant program in relation to the specific of the company.
The preparing of complete, accurate and timely documentation required for obtaining the grant by them helped us to focus on the daily work of the company.
At the stage of submission of application form, Expert Consulting effectively managed the relationships with public authorities and we all know that by yourself and without much experience you hit obstacles.
Very important for us was the free assistance during and after project implementation and their availability for advice whenever it was necessary.
Currently, I have confidently asked them again to help us with a new project.
Thank you to the whole team!"

Luiza Dinca - Administrator at Luz Construct

" In the welter of EU funds bureaucracy, Expert Consulting has been our guiding lighthouse, without which we would’t have been able to reach our destination. Their fantastic team guided us permanently, promptly and professionally, so in this moment, our project became a successful project, appreciated by West RDA .
Clearly, if we will ever apply for attracting European funds, we will ask for the expertise and professionalism of Expert Consulting."

Magda Botos - Administrator at Teletim

"I've always wanted to develop my furniture manufacturing company, but doing this with my own funds was almost impossible. Therefore, the financing through European funds was the only solution.
Reliability, professionalism and creativity of the Expert Consulting team was the saving solution.
It is a partner that will help you from the beginning to the end of the project, which is fantastic!
We are partners in four investment projects with EU funds, which says it all !
I recommend with confidence Expert Consulting to all those who dream to turn into reality all their desires regarding the company's development by attracting European funds."